I’ve been called a photographer, art director, social media strategist and style blogger. So…which is it? It’s both all and none of the above. I believe that in this world -where everyone can take a picture on their phone and consider themselves a photographer -narrowly defined roles have ceased to be relevant.

Katya Moorman's unique strength is her keen sense for anticipating trends and cultural movements and  deep understanding of how to utilize social media to create unique and lasting impact for my clients. She has an MFA in 2D Design from Cranbrook Academy of Art and previously served as the Founder and Creative Director of the website StyleDefined NYC which developed “a cult following by New York’s riotous underground tribe”* before selling it in 2014.

Since viewing The True Cost documentary she has become a major proponent of ethical and sustainable fashion and also works at Manufacture New York as their Director of Communications - a position that compliments her consulting work. 

*i-D Magazine