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Those of you who know me from StyleDefined NYC might remember that I have never been one to throw up bad phone photos minutes after a show was over. That always feels like a bid to inspire FOMO in others and that kind of “proof of life” feels dead on arrival IMHO. Or, maybe I’m just lazy. Either way if you want to see typical fashion week photos please look elsewhere. Here are two of my personal favorites from his show…which was very well done by the way so check it out for realz yo! (here)
Daniel Silverstain S/S 16Daniel Silverstain S/S 16

The Verge Collective at NYFW

What is queer style?

There certainly has been plenty of chatter about “gender free” and “gender neutral” clothing but to me that sounds positively unsexy. D’ya know what’s gender neutral? A strait jacket, for one thing…
Seriously, the fact that challenging gender norms is even part of the conversations is encouraging. But there is more to this than a slideshow in the New York Times. Gender nonconformity is not gender free – it’s refusing to play by the rules that society has laid out about how you should present yourself. It’s about defining your own style.

Take a look BEHIND THE SCENES at all of the transcending talent that is bringing you the Largest Queer New York Fashion Week Event and Runway Show in Partnership with Brooklyn Museum on September 17th, VERGE NYFW

Video by ChronicallyLate

dapperQ, bklyn boihood, Posture Magazine, and Die Young, Die Happy Productions (D.Y.D.H)

have partnered to spotlight eight independent designers whose work is systemically rooted in notions of gender nonconformity and its intersections with race, ethnicity, and culture. The vision of Verge is to become a platform for the un-defined and the conceptually-minded, while maintaining a prominent level of accessibility to the greater community.

The designers/labels include:

3 picks for New York Fashion Week

A few fashion week picks
Note: this post starts with some personal rambling, to get to my picks skip to below.
This Wednesday starts fashion week –what I have referred to at times as camp for fashion lovers: meaning twice a year you see people you haven’t seen for 6 months but will continue to see with regularity for the next 6 days. The exchanges begin with recognition of mutual fabulosity followed by “So…which shows are you going to?” The answer to this question is often evasive as though sharing your hand at a poker table and range from a listing of every show and presentation available – translation: I am at fashion week solely for my Instagram account and to humble brag to “Oh, I am so over fashion week.” Translation: you are seeing me at perhaps the only show I was invited to this season. (more…)

This Tuesday: Refinery29 panel: fashion*gender=??


refineryThis post is a bit late –my apologies- but I’m very excited to share this upcoming panel by Refinery29 that will look at the shifts in gender identity and how this is shifting fashion as well. Personally there’s a lot of talk lately about “gender free” and “gender neutral” which to me takes all the sex appeal out of it. I think the idea of gender identity is fluid not neutral so in my opinion defining your own fashion/gender/identity should be Gender FABULOUS (I mean we’re talking fashion here people)

The official name is

Peopleswear: Discussing Fashion’s Evolving Relationship With Gender

and the key players are:

Grace Dunham

Grace Dunham

: Actress and sister of Lena Dunham – she’ll be in GIRLS next season too.


Jenny Shimizu:

she rocked our world as the hot lesbian in the CKone campaign back in the day and has been modeling ever since. She and her wife Michelle Harper are like the Wonder Twins with the power of style.


Anita Dolce Vita

Anita Dolce Vita:

Anita’s online publication, dapperQ is the premier style and empowerment website for masculine presenting women, gender queers, and trans-identified individuals. Dubbed GQ for the “unconventionally masculine,” dapperQ is a queer fashion revolution, one of the most stylish forms of protest of our generation. Anita has created a community with this site and a platform that allows a strong vision of fashion to flourish.


Kristiina Wilson:

A fashion photographer who has worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years, and in the creative business field for over 20 and is now also the Editor in Chief of website You Do You whose tagline is Fashion and Lifestyle for Everybody and sees itself a new web portal for Agender fashion, accessories and lifestyle.


Katherine Bernard

The whole thing is being moderated by Katherine Bernard whose writing for Vogue includes this piece on Post-Gender fashion and (totally unrelated to this post but I happen to find it fucking hysterical) the short film for Kate Spade featuring Anna Kendrick and Lily Tomlin

Unfortunately for me, I can’t make it but if YOU are in the city this Tuesday I think it’s worth checking out.
RSVP: milana.baker@refinery29.com & #EFFTHERULES

All photos taken from their social media accounts except Anita Dolce Vita which was literally taken by me.

I am not a “fashion blogger”

Katya Moorman
Did you ever wake up to discover that you were a dancing monkey? Like those ones from the olden days that would entertain on a leash while their owner accompanied them on the accordion? Okay, I don’t know about the accordion part but I imagine an accordion and that’s kind of beyond the point. The point is I woke up one morning and realized I was a dancing monkey. Busy performing for everyone around me. For a few banana slices. And not even fresh bananas but over-ripe kind of bruised ones. Mushy ones. And all of a sudden I realize I don’t even like bananas.

Nick Cave at Cranbrook Art Museum


Nick Cave

Katya Moorman
My first official post here and maybe my last one until I’m back in Brooklyn shortly. It’s August and I have been in the Detroit area all summer because Karen has been working on a documentary here. Today we had some time off so decided to go to the Nick Cave exhibit at The Cranbrook Art Museum. My MFA is from Cranbrook so I’m always excited when I see work that I love from a fellow Cranbrook grad. Nick’s work is exceptionally brilliant and I’m only sorry we’ll be missing the performances. It goes until October 11th so if you happen to be in the area I highly recommend it.